Process of formulation

Trung Dong Corporation is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the manufacturing industry of Propylene (PP) textile kinds of bags for supply for the manufacturing industries: particularly, fertilizer, cattle food, cement, rice, sugar salt and other agricultural products with its capacity of 12,000,000 bags/month. In addition, the Company’s products are still more plentiful and diversified with coated Poly – Propylene textile, OPP membrane coupling bags, HDPE (High Density Poly – Ethylene) bags and LDPE (Low Density Poly –Ethylene) bags.

From the beginning, Trung Dong was only a small-scale manufacturing enterprise since 1990, however, together with the full potential development of woven PP bag market shall be gradually replaced for the traditional products.




Till January 1999, Trung Dong Establishment transferred to Trung Dong Private Enterprise. During the process of manufacturing and business operations,Trung Dong has been highly appreciated by its customers and created the firm position in themarket. The Company has expanded its investment and replaced many modern equipment and machines made from many countries, namely, India, Taiwan, China and so on.
In 2003, with growing up in strength in every aspect and in order to increase the capacity of manufacturing and business, meet the customers’ needs, Trung Dong transferred to Trung Dong Corporation. 

And failing to stop there, in order to develop the market, increase the market share and meet the customers’ needs, in 2006, the Company has participated and been recognized the member of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, accordingly, the Company has established and applied the quality control system in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2000 and certified by Norwegian DNV Organization in August 2006 and many Certificates of Merit granted by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City during the past. 

To date, Trung Dong Corporation has increased its area above 60,000m2, in which, the manufacturing area makes up 32,000m2, the rest is the kitchen system, staying houses for workers. Trung Dong is one of the large-scale Companies in the manufacturing industry of PP bags with the close modern production line imported from abroad from the phase of pulling thread to the printing phase on PP bags. In which, more than 200 hi-tech modern textile machinery have been equipped, 04 chains for bag coating and multi-layer membrane coupling and 03 machines of bag blower, which have likely to manufacture many species of diversified products with the size of woven bag from 28cm to 124cm, including: round PP woven bags, coating PP bags, OPP membrane coupling bags, LD-HDPE bags. 


In addition, Trung Dong Corporation has still designed the printing samples of PP bags and printed each bag or rolling printing or multi-colorFLEXO printing. Besides, the staff includes the creative and experienced technical staff with more than 20 years of experience and the skilled workers, Trung Dong Corporation has incessantly improved the product quality, increase its capacity for satisfying the requirements agreed with the local and foreign customers in ASEAN, EU and Africa group.
With the specific characteristics of the manufacturing industry of PP woven bags, the Company has arranged the flexible manufacturing line for meeting the customers’ requirements in the timely manner.

And with the quality control system in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2008, in 2010 certified by Norwegian DNV (Det Norske Veritas) organization, the Company has executed the close control of each manufacturing phase from the raw material import to the delivery, both progress, cost and product quality.

Trung Dong has invested to the machine, equipment of its new generation with the aspiration for the quality of bag printing to achieve the standard of identity, coherence in terms of color, sharpness, reduction of loss ratio. Especially, help the loss limitation of electric fuel, solvent and chemical substance friendly with the environment and so on. Such investment is carried out in the synchronous manner from the production line to the workshop, human resources, procedure and so on.